About Mail Order Wives: International Marriage

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Online means of meeting love are becoming more popular each year. It’s not just because we were in quarantine and the only way to meet someone was to use online platforms. It’s mainly because dating apps are so convenient to use. Only in the United States about a third of the population claims they used a dating app to find a partner.

A mail order bride is a rather popular concept today. Just a few years ago people were confused when hearing this phrase, but today online daters are aware of it. Online daters have various dating options thanks to the huge variety of websites, and mail order brides platforms are included in the list.

Yes, today anyone may use Tinder and encounter someone nearby. But the swiping game isn’t enough if a lonely person wants something more long-lasting and meaningful. Sure enough, anyone can get lucky with Tinder and meet the exact match, but why use Tinder if you can use more beneficial sites?

Enter mail order bride apps! If you are only at the beginning of your online dating journey, you might need to do some research. Check out the current article to learn more about mail ordered wives sites and who are the women who use these apps. The article also has some interesting tips for men who wish to find a wife but don’t know where to look.

Mail Order Brides

Why Mail Order Wives?

The concept of a mail order bride dates back to the seventeenth century. Men, usually soldiers, who lived in British colonies (at the time) had scarce options when they wanted to get married. So authorities came up with the idea of inviting ladies from Britain so men had a chance to meet women who wish to get married.

In the eighteenth century, the trend became more popular among men living in gold-digging areas. They were mainly populated by men, but not women. So men used to post their marriage proposals in magazines and newspapers. Ladies, mail order women, who were willing to move in and get married were sending their photos to these men. That’s how couples in the past were getting married!

In the twentieth century, in more recent history, the modern term was coined. Beautiful international brides from developing countries were seeking husbands from developed countries. For example, ladies from the former Soviet Union or Latin American countries were seeking husbands from the US, Australia, Canada, etc.

The term is used similarly today with the exception that even women from developed countries seek husbands online. If you wish to find a bride, you can use the best foreign bride sites. Whether you wish to encounter Colombian mail order brides, or even older Russian women looking for husbands, it’s legal and OK. International marriage platforms are extremely efficient and helpful for those who seek significant others.

International Mail Order Wife Websites

When people hear the phrase mail order girlfriend or bride, they immediately think about something illegal. Those who use mail-order bride sites know that these platforms are ordinary dating platforms, but intending to connect the most compatible matches.

You don’t buy a wife on such platforms, you just choose among the most compatible women. Such websites are often called international mail order wife websites since men and women meet people from around the globe.

Note, there are no countries where you can buy a bride except for some regions where it’s just a tradition. But overall, on mail order bride websites you don’t buy a bride or order a woman by mail.

The reason why many believe they can order a wife or a husband is because of the filters on the website. Mail order bride platforms cater to the interests of men and women willing to start serious romantic relationships. The site offers matchmaking services to guarantee a perfect match. But additionally, you can use filters to search for foreign brides actively. These filters resemble the ones we use when online shopping, so this may be the reason why people believe they could order brides.

The reality is simpler – there is no such thing as the cost of a mail order bride. You can’t buy anyone and thus these sites are legal. Instead of buying anyone, you get matched with compatible individuals. here is how international mail order bride sites work:

  • Account creation.
  • Filling the profile with detailed information, for example, personality traits, physical characteristics, age, etc.
  • Filling in the details about your perfect partner. At this point users describe what personality traits they value in partners, preferred age, sex, the appearance of a partner, and other details.
  • The system conducts analysis and finds all compatible singles on the site.
  • You can choose among the most compatible women to find “the one”.

Additionally, members of the platform use filters and other tools to find a perfect match among users of the app. Some sites even have compatibility tests that show the percentage of compatibility. Most real mail order brides have video call functions to make sure singles see each other and have better means of communication.

To sum up, a mail order bride site is like a marriage broker, a third party offering matrimonial services. Instead of a mail order bride catalog, you have a huge pool of choices based on your preferences. On international mail order bride sites, you meet the best foreign women to marry! Moreover, those ladies you see are compatible with your personality since the site offers matchmaking services.

International Marriage

Why Do Singles Choose To Use Mail Order Wife Platforms?

Now you know that the answer to the question “are mail order brides legal?” is positive, another question emerges. Why are these sites so popular when you can meet a wife without apps? Not everyone is lucky to encounter their significant other by using traditional means.

Some people have rather narrow social circles and they feel comfortable with having just a few close friends. But this also means a non-existent pool of marriage opportunities. Others try to find a love interest at work, but potential options are either not compatible, or most colleagues are men.

While online dating websites are convenient and offer matchmaking services. Yes, some believe that paying for matchmaking services is a bad idea. But think about it, do you believe that when you date traditionally you don’t spend money? Try calculating how much you spend on going out in a bar or club now and then. The sum you spend will be higher than the sum you spend on matchmaking services.

Singles prefer utilizing mail order websites because of the convenience and effortlessness. The system does the matchmaking part, users just need to choose interesting options. Moreover, mail order sites use a logical approach. The algorithm has no feelings, it matches you with a perfect woman based on both your preferences. And since you are compatible, you can develop feelings for each other and fall in love.

The Benefits Of Using Mail Order Wife Websites

Why are mail order brides still a thing? The main reason is simple: it’s beneficial to use online means of encountering a wife. Here are a few advantages of using online marriage apps compared to traditional means:

  • It’s convenient and simply requires having an account.
  • Mail order wife sites are easy to use.
  • It may be one of the best ways to meet a foreign wife.
  • Using mail wife websites requires minimal effort.
  • Using online means won’t disrupt your traditional routine.
  • Matchmaking takes care of narrowing down your options to only compatible women.

Using a mail order wife website is just like using a marriage agency. Instead of a person going through the catalog of potential wives and choosing a perfect woman for you, mail order sites use matchmaking.

Your search results are narrowed down to several thousand women from various countries. All these gorgeous women on mail order wife sites have something in common with you, and thus, it’s more likely you will like each other, fall in love, and get married. Plus, the success rate is promising.

How To Find A Wife: Tips And Ideas

Apart from using dating apps, you can also use other means of encountering a wife. Yes, you may claim that you have already tried everything, but take a look at the following options. You may have never tried these methods and they could be useful. These methods are mainly targeted at increasing and developing your social circle.

Search Among Co-Workers

If you work in a mid to big company, it may have several departments. Ask among reliable co-workers if they know single women in the company. It might seem like a lame idea, but it could work.

Change Habits

Instead of visiting your favorite coffee shop in the neighborhood, or near work, visit a different place. You never know who you can meet. If you have a dog, choose another park. Pets are extremely helpful in this case, you may encounter a woman who is also into dogs so it will be very convenient to exchange phone numbers. Change your habits to visit other places, you may meet someone special.

Use Online Websites

You can use mail order sites as described in the article. Sadly, there are no free mail order brides websites – you can find some free apps but usually, they aren’t of good quality. But you certainly can find great-quality affordable mail order sites. This option allows you to encounter online brides from all over the world. It’s a highly convenient option if you wish to try dating foreigners. But choose legit mail order brides platforms to be successful.

Consider Volunteering

Volunteering is already a great idea since it’s a helpful thing to do. But when you do the job, you communicate with other volunteers and may meet your future wife.

Find A Wife

The Best Country For Mail Order Brides

Many men seeking wives try to figure out what is the best country to find a wife. The answer is simple – no country is the best since there are many amazing countries to find a girlfriend. To encounter foreign women seeking American men, pay attention to the following options:

  • Brazil.
  • Colombia.
  • Mexico.
  • Ukraine.
  • Russia.
  • Belarus.
  • Poland.
  • The Check Republic.
  • China.
  • The Philippines.
  • Vietnam.
  • India.
  • Bangladesh.

These are the countries with women who want to marry American men or men from abroad. To find Eastern European brides, take a look at countries like Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus. You may also be interested in Romanian and Moldova ladies. If you are more into Asian beauty, then check out Asian brides on websites with mainly Asian audiences.


The main question is – are mail order spouse illegal? No, since the websites offering matrimonial services are perfectly legal. People believe mail order brides are illegal because of the “mail-order” part. But these are ordinary websites where anyone may meet a foreign bride.

One of the easiest ways of encountering foreign women for marriage is by using such websites. You may get lucky and find an overseas wife when on a working trip or even in your country, but such occasions are pretty rare. It’s always best to take matters into your hands and start an active search.

With the aid of international mail order sites, you can meet a charming Asian mail order bride you always wanted to find. Or you may opt for searching among gorgeous and unique-looking Russian mail order brides.

International marriage websites are perfect to find a wife online. Even if you wish to meet a local wonderful woman, dating websites are a better idea. It’s worth a shot trying to use a wife finder since it won’t even disrupt your everyday routine. Most sites are affordable, so it might be even cheaper to encounter an internet bride rather than seeking a girlfriend by using traditional means.